SOAK - Nails Massage Spa
Massage Services

Do you need to relax?
Are you stressed? Tired? Sore?

 Therapeutic benefits of massage are essential and endless.

 -promotes relaxation 
 -reduces stress and anxiety 
 -improves circulation 
 -lowers blood pressure 
 -enhances immune system 
 -relieves muscles aches and stiffness 
 -improves muscle tone 
 -promotes deeper and easier breathing 
 -promotes healthy skin 
 -helps relieve tension headaches 
 - and it just feels great

Classic Massage 

30 minute massage $35

60 minute massage $60

90 minute massage $90

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minute massage $35

60 minute massage $60

Hot Stone Massage

65 minute $80

90 minute $100

Foot Massage

$30 per person

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